Will OZZY OSBOURNE Run For President Along With KANYE WEST?

X17, a Los Angeles paparazzi agency, has posted a new video clip of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne arriving at a party in Hollywood. Upon entering the elevator, they pass actress Tara Reid, presumably coming from the same place, and Sharon and Tara greet each other. Ozzy, meanwhile, is asked if he will run for president along with rapper Kanye West. Sharon has some choice words in reply.

Kanye West announced that he was planning to run for president in 2020 during his 13-minute speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. “And, yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president,” he said before literally dropping the mic — which may or may not have been sparked by fans shouting “Kanye for president!”

Fellow pop superstar Rihanna chimed in on a possible Yeezus presidency, saying that it wasn’t as far-fetched as some believe. “I mean people are voting for [Donald] Trump,” she said. “Who wouldn’t vote for Kanye?”

Ozzy last year spoke about being a guest of honor at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where he introduced by then-president George W. Bush. He told ShortList.com: “No one would come near me because I was off me fucking nuts. I’ve met him, I’ve met Bill Clinton, I’ve met loads of them. But they’re very strange people. Hillary Clinton was wonderful, a very nice lady. George Bush, I never quite got his deal. The thing is, I don’t suppose he expected World War 3 to begin when he got voted in, did he? It was a bit of a shocker, a kick in the pants. He hadn’t been in office more than five minutes and 9/11 went down.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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