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Playlist 08-10-2021

Guns N’ Roses – Hard skool
Corrosive Sweden – The curse
Rage – Mind control
Renegade Angel – Journey into madness
Majestica – Above the sky
UDO – Metal never dies
Sorceress Of Sin – Massacre of sin
Sanctuary – Arise and purify
Aftermath – Smash rest control
Extinction A.D. – Collusion
Unearth – Incinerate
Seething Akira – Gravity

Carcass – The scythe’s remorseless swing
Voidfallen – Remnants of the heart
Benediction – Iterations of I
Criminal – Caged
Aborted – Grotesque
Hate – Saturnus
Pathology – As the entrails wither
Aeon – Church of horror
Wulfgar – Daughter of dakness
Creeping Death – Relics from the past
Trivium – Like a sword over damocles
Nodes Of Ranvier – Relentless

Playlist 01-10-2021

Playlist 24-09-2021


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CRYPTOSIS – Release Single & Video To “Transcendence”

Dutch futuristic multi-metal eruption CRYPTOSIS proudly present you the official video to ‘Transcendence’. The video – produced by Aimed & Framed – can be viewed here. Cryptosis are: Laurens Houvast …

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