The Winery Dogs Talk Songwriting, Roles in Band + ‘Supergroup’ Label

The Winery Dogs, consisting of singer-guitarist Richie Kotzen, bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Mike Portnoy, released their sophomore album Hot Streak early last month and had a chance to sit down with Loudwire for an exclusive interview. In the clip above, the band talks about their songwriting process, their unique roles in the band, and being labeled a supergroup.

When asked about the hit single “Oblivion,” the guys reveal that the song had been played live for about a year in different incarnations before finally seeing the scorching album opener to fruition in the studio. Kotzen expands on this, giving away some funny details about the live performances of the song.

Speaking about the dynamic between Sheehan and Portnoy as the rhythm section, they describe the twist on the traditional roles the band has, which ultimately makes the Winery Dogs such a dynamic group. This reflects on how the band writes together and what makes them a musical force live as well, along with how it separates them from being a band instead of a project, which is often the case with “supergroups.”

The band has earned the supergroup tag not only because of each member’s résumé, but their lauded musical abilities. But what does the band think of the “supergroup” label? Find out the answer in the video above.

Check out the interview with the Winery Dogs above. The guys are currently on the West Coast wrapping up a North American tour and will be hitting Europe in July 2016. See a full list of dates at the band’s website.

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