Mastodon’s Brent Hinds + Killer Be Killed’s Juan Montoya Featured in Orange Amp Commercial

It’s November, which means everyone has already started to go crazy buying gifts. Orange Amplifiers has unveiled the perfect little gift for your budding little guitarist in this short comedic bit which features Brent Hinds of Mastodon and Juan Montoya of Killer Be Killed. In this video, little “Bobby” receives a surprise gift, but mom is none too pleased with dad about it. But dad insists Bobby must dream big.

While the parents are arguing over the Orange Micro Dark amplifier, with mom exclaiming,”He already sounded awful unplugged; why would you amplify that?” Bobby’s imagination runs loose with his dreams of rock stardom. No, he’s not dreaming about when he grows up, he knows this little amp can take him where he wants to go right now! He fantasizes about hitting the stage for thousands of people, getting chauffeured around in a four-door sedan with his girlfriend and making it rain cash at the claw machine.

Bobby gets a face tattoo to match Mastodon’s Brent Hinds, and seems to have it all until he finds himself engaged in a guitar duel with Satan, portrayed by Killer Be Killed’s Juan Montoya. Along the way, Orange showcases more of their new equipment, with the two duking it out using double-stacked cabinets. Entranced in his fantasy, Bobby slowly comes back to reality as his parents repeat his name, trying to catch his attention. His supportive father realizes how big his son is dreaming and cautions, “Not that big.”

Mastodon are currently on tour supporting Judas Priest on a trek across the U.S. and will be wrapping things up next week.

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