Suicide Silence Stream Remix of ‘Sacred Words’ Off Digital EP

Suicide Silence are nearing release of their digital EP Sacred Words and are now offering a stream of “Sacred Words (We Are Strong Remix)” via Revolver. The song is given an electronic makeover, which suits the band quite well.

The muted guitar chugs are replicated with the pulsating rhythm of the bass and the high shrieks of Eddie Hermida are retained, making this song fall more in line with electro-industrial acts like Psyclon Nine and God Module than fellow groups who incorporate more synth into their down-tuned metallic sound like Born of Osiris and Winds of Plague. A haunting keyboard melody dominates most of the track, furthering the vibe of the electro-industrial relation.

In addition to the remix, the EP will include the “Sacred Words” track from the band’s last album, You Can’t Stop Me along with a live and instrumental version, as well as live takes of “Inherit the Crown” and “Cease to Exist,” recorded at the band’s set in Hungary at the 2015 RockPart Festival.

Suicide Silence are in the midst of a U.S. tour supporting Korn on dates that will run through Oct. 30 as Korn deliver their debut album in its entirety. To check out the remaining shows, click here.

Sacred Words will be released Oct. 23 through Nuclear Blast. The band’s 2014 release, You Can’t Stop Me, was the debut of new frontman Eddie Hermida as he replaced the late Mitch Lucker following his tragic death. The album saw the band reach their highest position on the Billboard Top 200, debuting at No. 16 in its first week.

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