Sully Erna to Appear in ‘Black Files’ Film, Trailer Surfaces Online

Godsmack‘s Sully Erna recently teased his next acting role, which will find him participating in a Russian crime thriller that’s shooting in Bulgaria. Now fans can get a little better idea of what the film is all about by checking out the trailer above and lending their support through fundraising and social awareness.

The movie is called Black Files and by the looks of the trailer, which features an ominous voice stating, “Who knows you’re here and what makes you think you can leave?” before all sorts of chaos and combat breaks out, it’s going to be a dark and intense film.

Erna himself urged fans to help in supporting the project, leading viewers to a Thunderclap page that had the trailer and offered more insight into the campaign, which will be a two-part process of directing fans to an Indiegogo page for fundraising and using social media to draw awareness.

As for the film itself, Black Files is described as “an action thriller about conspiracy, terrorism and international crime.” The film’s synopsis reads as follows:

The family of the US Ambassador in an East-European country is slaughtered. The world’s media attention is now pointed at Sofia, Bulgaria. Top CIA agent is assigned to find out who is responsible for the assault. He recruits a local rookie cop and they dig deeper into world of corruption, terrorism and international crime. The deeper they go, the more they realize that the truth is hidden behind “non-existing” powerful organization, named Black Files.

Keep abreast of the campaign to help support and fund the film at this location.

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