Saint Asonia Tour Diary – Exclusive Video Premiere

By the opening moments of Saint Asonia‘s new tour diary, you might think things have gone horribly wrong for the band. Frontman Adam Gontier is seen hanging outside a convenience store about to answer an ad, as the store was “hiring all positions.” But rest assured, Saint Asonia fans, things are just fine and the band is thriving on the road. Check out their video tour diary, debuting here at Loudwire exclusively.

The four-piece act, which consists of former and current members of Three Days Grace, Staind, Dark New Day and Finger Eleven, seem to be getting along quite well. After the opening segment, we see the band’s full throttle performance onstage, as well as quite a few offstage moments. The band takes part in their fair share of meet-and-greets, bond over drinks at a hotel, rock an acoustic show and Adam Gontier shows off some bizarre dance moves.

You also get see some more quiet moments, like Mike Mushok calling his kids at home to say goodnight or strumming his acoustic guitar, and Gontier and Mushok debating strategy during the baseball playoffs. Most of the video is soundtracked by the band’s song “Let Me Live My Life.” Check out the video above.

And for those wondering, Gontier didn’t get the convenience store job …. yet. See how it went by sticking through to the end of the video.

Saint Asonia’s self-titled debut album is out now. Purchase a copy at Amazon or iTunes. The band is currently touring Europe, but will return stateside in early December for their final leg of the year. Check out their dates here.

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