Glenn Danzig Talks Long-Awaited ‘Skeletons’ Covers Album + Legacy Gigs

Glenn Danzig has spent the better part of four decades plotting a covers album, and after much consideration and fan demand, Danzig‘s Skeletons album is slated for a Nov. 27 release.

We caught up with Glenn Danzig during his eponymous act’s recent headlining gig in New York City with Superjoint. During our chat, Danzig revealed his desire to quit touring (watch below), but he delved into the album Skeletons, as well (watch above).

The arrangement of Dave Allan & the Arrows’ “Devil’s Angels” is actually an arrangement Danzig put together back in 1979 during his Misfits days. He’s been constantly developing a mix between his own influence and the influence of his heroes, which you can clearly hear on Skeletons. “You’ve gotta bring a new element or a new dimension and kind of make it your own,” says Danzig. “It’s like a balancing act. I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.”

As Glenn says, you can’t have a Danzig covers album without Black Sabbath, and the vocalist chose “N.I.B.” as his desired Sabbath cover. “The first record [Black Sabbath] is just a groundbreaking record,” Glenn says. “We do ‘N.I.B.’ live every night and I let people sing along to the chorus. It’s much different than a Black Sabbath concert.

Danzig also spoke about deciding on the right time to bust out some Misfits classics or offer fans a special surprise such as inviting Misfits guitarist Doyle to guest during a tour.

Check out our chat with Glenn Danzig above, and pre-order the Skeletons album here.

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