Philip H. Anselmo Plays ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ (Round 2)

Philip H. Anselmo returns to ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?‘ for yet another unforgettable segment!

If you’re an aficionado of our signature series, it’s likely you’ve seen the first Philip Anselmo edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ One of the first Wiki segments we’ve ever filmed, Anselmo’s episode remains far and away the most watched on our channel, with 640,000 views as of this posting. Thus, when we recently had the chance to sit down with the metal legend again, we needed to film Round Two, so here it is!

In this video, you’ll hear the Pantera / Down / Superjoint legend correct the fiction that he was quiet and secluded as a child, while speaking about life working on his stepfather’s shrimping boat as a young man. Anselmo also sets the record straight on the story that an Atco Records rep first saw Pantera live due to him being stranded by a hurricane. Dimebag Darrell was the once who gave Phil the joyous news that Pantera got signed, which Phil also recalls in this video.

Anselmo has spoken about his past drug use, but this year marks 10 years since he stopped using hard drugs. Extremely candid and emotional, Phil told us about his struggle to get off methadone so he could be approved for surgery on his back. He describes methadone as even worse than heroin, which he describes as “definable evil.” Heroin and soma painkillers also gave Anselmo issues with addiction, and he speaks about it all in great detail during this new Wiki segment.

Check out Round 2 of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ with Philip H. Anselmo in the clip above!

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