Motorhead Honored by Los Angeles City Council

This is a big week for Motorhead. Their latest album Bad Magic will be unleashed tomorrow (Aug. 28), and they were also honored by the Los Angeles city council on Wednesday. Watch video of the ceremony above.

Council member Jose Huizar, who is a big Motorhead fan, introduced the band members and said the following: “We are here today to honor Motorhead’s 40th anniversary. It’s about honoring music in the city of Los Angeles and Motorhead’s place in that history. This year signals the 40th year of Motorhead’s triumphant existence, something which will be celebrated throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016. They will tour the world once more and show that if it’s too loud, you’re too old.”

“Throughout the 40 years, this is a band that stuck to its artistic guns and has never been interested in musical fads and trends, the kind that happen in every generation,” Huizar continues. “Motorhead has chosen to lose themselves in their music. Lemmy and company have stayed true to their own vision and execution of incredibly mesmerizing and thundering, feel-it-in-your-gut rock and roll.”

Huizar says, “Lemmy and crew epitomize what it means to live rock and roll, and fans from throughout the world continue to view Motorhead as the torchbearers of that elusive music we call rock and roll. And who couldn’t love a group that starts its live concerts with these words: ‘We’re and we play rock and roll.’”

After raucous applause from numerous Motorhead fans in the crowd, the band members spoke. Lemmy said, “Well said. As none of us are from Los Angeles, this is a very great honor. (Points at his bandmates) Swedish, Welsh and I’m English. I came over here years ago and I love it over here, so it’s a great honor for me. Thank you.”

Dee said, “What can I say? I used to live here: eleven years. I moved back to Sweden in ’96. And this is great. We’ve been honored here and there for music in the music industry, but nothing like this before, so, of course, this is very, very special for us. So, thank you very much. It’s great. We’re gonna continue another 40 years, I hope.”

Campbell added, “It’s just something you never expected to get, an honor like this. We enjoy playing our music and writing our songs, and this is unbelievable, so thank you very much.”

Huizar then presented the band with a framed proclamation from the city of Los Angeles and the mayor, thanking them for what they have done and for keeping the true spirit of rock and roll alive.

Motorhead are currently on tour with Saxon and Anthrax. They’ll be rocking Salt Lake City, Utah tonight.

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