Josh Homme Humbled By Queens of the Stone Age Facebook Community Video Supporting Eagles of Death Metal

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The Internet has brought fans from around the world closer together and in some instances it can provide something truly moving and powerful. In the wake of the recent terrorist attack at the Eagles of Death Metal show in Paris, members of the Queens of the Stone Age Facebook family rallied to put together a touching video that offered a show of support to Eagles of Death Metal.

As many fans know, Josh Homme is a member of both bands. He fronts Queens of the Stone Age and plays guitar with Eagles of Death Metal, though he doesn’t always tour with Eagles of Death Metal. In fact, when the attack occurred in Paris, Homme was not with the band. But that has not made the incident any less impactful on Homme, who has been leading a campaign via his Sweet Stuff Foundation to channel funds to families affected by the terrorist attack.

In the clip organized by his Queens of the Stone Age Facebook family, people from around the world deliver a message of support and love for the members of Eagles of Death Metal. In the description below the video, the fan group states, “After experiencing an overwhelming outpouring of love and support within our own community, as we mark one month since the monstrous acts committed, lives needlessly lost, and millions of hearts broken the world over that night, we’d like to extend that love, especially, to the band and their crew, who just came to rock & roll. Our hope is that this message shows you just a fraction of the magnitude of what you’ve created, and that no amount of Godless Heathens can destroy it.”

Homme was touched by the heartfelt tribute, responding via Facebook, “I think I’m one of the first in our group to see this. I find it difficult to put into words how this video makes me feel. I’m proud to be among you, part of you, one of you. Thank you for this kind & generous gift. It means the world to me. I thank you with everything I have. I am humbled by you. I am in awe of you. What you have done, together? I will never forget this gift of kindness. Thank you.”

Watch the video in full above.

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