Dewar PR release free winter digital compilation

Southern Ontario-based DEWAR PR have teamed up with The Sludgelord to reveal their new Winter 2017 digital compilation. The compilation features some of the best metal/hard rock bands of the past few years and is available to stream on Soundcloud or download on Bandcamp.

You can stream the compilation here:

You can download the compilation here:

Dewar PR Winter Compilation

Track listing

1. Allfather-Inherit the Dust
2.Napalm Ted-The Deadline
3. Pseudo/Sentai-Werewolf Casey
4. Volunteer-Walk
5.Final Sign-Burn the Temple Down
6. Yeti on Horseback-Tree of Death
7. Arriver-Liquidators
8. Dead Register-Grave
9. Engraved Darkness-Ritualistic Sins
10. Flidais-High Stakes
11 The Glorious Rebellion-Bitches Hate Misogyny
12. Czar-Too Many Yetis
13. Siderian-Lizard Method State
14. Ascentia-Catharsis
15. Nihilo-Death Swamp

For more information about Dewar PR please visit

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