BUTCHER BABIES’ HEIDI SHEPHERD On Paris Concert Attack: ‘I’m Happy To See Our World Uniting Over It’

Heidi Shepherd, one of the two vocalists for the five-piece Los Angeles-based heavy-metal ensemble BUTCHER BABIES, has commented on the events of November 13 in Paris, France, when more than 129 people were killed in seven coordinated terrorist attacks.

The greatest number of deaths took place at the Bataclan, a French music venue where EAGLES OF DEATH METAL were performing when terrorists began a siege that ended with 89 people in the club either shot to death or killed in explosions.

A number of artists halted their European treks in the wake of the Paris attacks, including LAMB OF GOD, FOO FIGHTERS, DEFTONES and others.

Speaking to Eric Blair of “The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show”, Heidi was asked how the Paris attacks afftected BUTCHER BABIES‘ mental and emotional well-being. She responded: “Well, the night of the attacks, we [were watching news reports about] it on this TV [on our tour bus], and we were about to go on stage, and they still had the hostages in. And it was really interesting to go on stage — and it still is, ‘cause you never know what’s gonna happen. It was at a concert, so you never know. You put yourself out there. But walking on stage that night after seeing that and hearing the stories about the band and how it all happened, it definitely put a big damper on the emotion, and it still does. For a couple of days afterwards, we dedicated [the song] ‘Thrown Away’ to the victims and the families.”

She added: “We live in such a really, really weird time. But I’m happy to see our world uniting over it.”

The attacks in Paris led to a military response by France against the radical Islamic organization ISIS, as French jets bombed a series of targets in Syria.

The murders have stepped up worldwide concern over ISIS, as well as a debate in the U.S. over whether to accept Syrian refugees.

Source: Blabbermouth

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