Andy Biersack Clarifies Status of New Black Veil Brides + Andy Black Albums

It’s been one majorly busy year for singer Andy Biersack. On top of touring in support of Black Veil Brides‘ self-titled fourth album, the singer has spent most of his downtime from the road gearing up for two new discs — the next Black Veil Brides album as well as his second release from his Andy Black project.

During a recent chat at the Aftershock Festival with Alternative Press, Biersack clarified how he’s handling both projects and where they stand as the year comes toward its end.

“With the Black Veil record, we really want to take time with it. We’re still in the early stages of writing and we didn’t really want to get in the studio before it was ready,” says Biersack. “I’ve been working on the Andy Black record and Jinx has been writing riffs and coming up with stuff [for Black Veil Brides]. Things are moving concurrently, but as far as recording at the same time, what is probably more realistic and what I should have said is that once we wrap recording on the Andy Black record, then we start to shift focus to [Black Veil Brides].”

During the chat, which took place last month, Biersack revealed that they were in the final week of tracking for the Andy Black album. He stated, “The next Black Veil record will likely start at the beginning of the year. We’re finishing the Andy Black record. We’ve got maybe another week left of tracking and then it’s all mixing and then have a single out by the end of 2015 and have the record out by the beginning of 2016.”

For hard rock fans unaware of Biersack’s Andy Black project, it’s a little more dark alternative and pop leaning. “The songs are pop rock, fun songs. You know there’s certainly a kind of an element to the ’80s in there with Depeche Mode and Sisters of Mercy and that kind of thing,” says Biersack. “We were joking the other day that it’s goth Springsteen.” Among the guests on the disc will be My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way, All Time Low‘s Rian Dawson, The Used‘s Quinn Allman, 5 Seconds to Summer’s Ashton Irwin and Less Than Jake’s JR Wasilewski.

So keep an eye out for new Andy Black music coming soon, with Biersack starting to focus on Black Veil Brides more early in 2016. Check out more of Biersack’s chat with Alternative Press in the video above.

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