10 Most Destructive Guns N’ Roses Moments [Watch]

With speculation at an all-time high for a classic Guns N’ Roses reunion, we decided to look back at the 10 Most Destructive Guns N’ Roses Moments.

Motley Crue may have The Dirt, but Guns N’ Roses could be even more infamous for destruction. The gargantuan level of chaos which surrounded the classic GN’R members has become modern folklore, with near-death experiences, drug abuse and hatred between bandmates permeating the music itself.

Slash was only minutes away from missing his fate as a modern guitar icon. If it wasn’t for a hotel receptionist calling Guns’ management one night, Slash may have never been resuscitated after literally dying from an overdose. Drummer Steven Adler nearly faced death, as well, suffering from a cocaine-induced stroke at the height of his addiction.

Guns N’ Roses history is also plagued by a number of riots which took place after the band stopped performing mid-show, one such instance taking place after Axl Rose attacked a photographer. Millions in damage was sustained, adding to Guns N’ Roses’ legacy of destruction. Some of this destruction wasn’t even GN’R’s fault, such as the 1988 Monsters of Rock deaths and Duff McKagan getting taken out by a bottle thrown during a gig.

See all 10 Destructive Guns N’ Roses Moments in the Loud List above!

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