BOBBY ‘BLITZ’ ELLSWORTH Reveals Which OVERKILL Song Changed His Life

In a brand new interview with Ghost Cult, vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth of New Jersey thrash metal veterans OVERKILL spoke about a particular moment in the band’s history that stands out to him as being very special.

“I remember going through some personal issue shit at the time of [1999’s] ‘Necroshine’ [album] that was like a one-two to the stomach and then a one-two to the jaw, and I honestly didn’t think I was going to get off the canvas. I was waiting to get some results on some tests, and it was a cointoss at the time how it’d go. In any case, I have a great relationship with DD [Verni, OVERKILL bassist] and he was in touch continuously. I remember he called me when I was waiting for results, and he goes, Hey, man, you need me to write you a check? You need me to come up, you need me to hold your hand or you need me take care of your family? Tell me what you need, I’ll do it.’ But I knew what I needed was to get my mind off this shit. So I said, ‘DD, I could use a song.’ And he sat and did it, and three days later I had the rough musical demo to ‘Necroshine’ in my mailbox. I then remember writing it over this two-week waiting period, and I’ll never forget the song. It got me through the other side. I might be an abstract lyricist and not tell you what this song or that song is about, but that song got me through that period and to this point in my life. It was a jumping-off point, because it gave me the opportunity to understand it’s not about the problem, it’s about getting through the fucking problem at all costs. It was a great lesson, but also a song that will remain the top OVERKILL song I ever wrote. It was life-changing for me.”

As previously reported, OVERKILL will play a special anniversary show at Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen, Germany on April 16, 2016. The evening will see the band will play the records “Horrorscope” (which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary) and “Feel The Fire” (30th anniversary) in their entirety. And if that wasn’t enough, the show will be professionally filmed and recorded for an upcoming DVD.

OVERKILL’s first worldwide release on Nuclear Blast was a special box set comprised of the band’s entire back catalog, made available on September 18. Titled “Historikill: 1995 – 2007”, it contains 11 OVERKILL albums on 13 CDs and a bonus CD (containing demos, remixes and an unreleased cover song) in digi sleeves.
Source: Blabbermouth

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