Playlist 22-10-2021

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Metal Warehouse 22-10-2021

NorthTale Midnight bells Eternal flame
Nuclear blast
In Vain Falling to the ground All hope is gone
Lady stone
Existance Power of the gods Wolf attack
Blood blast
Kill Ritual Thy will be done Thy will be done
Blood blast
U.D.O. Like a beast Game over
Tremonti In one piece Marching in time
Volbeat Shotgun blues Servant of the mind
Corrosive Sweden The curse The curse
Self released
Venus Syndrome Sideral groove Cannibal star
Majestica Glory of christmas Glory of christmas
Nuclear blast
Beast In Black Moonlight rendezvous Dark connection
Nuclear blast
Exodus The years of death and dying Persona non grata
Nuclear blast
The Sixpounders Butchers Butchers
Crimson skies
In Somnia Crossing styx Harlequin
Self released
Voidfallen From embers to fall The atlas of spiritual apocalypse
Self released
Infected Chaos Hollow chars Dead aesthetics
Self released
Fleischer RattenfÀngerin Knochenhauer
Creeping Death The edge of existence The edge of existence
Self released
Hate Sun of extinction Rugia
Metal blade
Ex Deo What artist dies in me The thirteen years of nero
Arch Enemy Deceiver, deceiver Deceiver, deceiver
Century media
Skarlett Riot Black cloud Black cloud
Vildhjarta Passage noir MĂ„sstaden under vatten
Century media

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