Playlist 08-10-2021

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Metal Warehouse 08-10-2021

Guns N’ Roses Hard skool Hard skool
Corrosive Sweden The curse The curse
Self released
Rage Mind control Resurrection day
Renegade Angel Journey into madness Damnation
Majestica Above the sky Above the sky in tokyo
Nuclear blast
UDO Metal never dies Game over
Sorceress Of Sin Massacre of sin Constantine
Self released
Sanctuary Arise and purify The year the sun died
Century media
Aftermath Smash rest control There is something wrong
Zoid entertainment
Extinction A.D. Collusion CCCP
Unique leader
Unearth Incinerate Extinction(s)
Century media
Seething Akira Gravity Dysfunctional wonderland
Carcass The scythe’s remorseless swing Torn arteries
Nuclear blast
Voidfallen Remnants of the heart The atlas of spiritual apocalypse
Self released
Benediction Iterations of I Scriptures
Nuclear blast
Criminal Caged Sacrificio
Metal blade
Aborted Grotesque Maniacult
Century media
Hate Saturnus Rugia
Metal blade
Pathology As the entrails wither The everlasting plague
Nuclear blast
Aeon Church of horror God ends here
Metal blade
Wulfgar Daughter of dakness From the ashes
Creeping Death Relics from the past The edge of existence
Self released
Trivium Like a sword over damocles In the court of the dragon
Nodes Of Ranvier Relentless The years to come

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