Playlist 05-11-2021

Kill Ritual – Angels in black
Running Wild – Wings of fire
Firewind – New found power
The Three Tremors – War of nations
Enforcer – At the end of the rainbow
Beast In Black – One night in tokyo
Battle Beast – Master of illusion
The Night Eternal – Cloaked in darkness
Lucifer – Crucifix (I burn for you)
Bloodyclerks – Made of darkness and light
Porcupine Tree – Harridan

Nightrage – Abyss rising
Oceans – Sulfur
Fit For An Autopsy – Pandora
Husqwarnah – Ignoto1
Spirit World – The bringer of light
Fleischer – Der Schneider
The Sixpounder – Butchers
Infected Chaos – Eager breed the gods of pestilence
Blood Red Throne – Transparent existence
Exodus – The years of death and dying
Cradle Of Filth – Necromantic fantasies
Omnium Gatherum – Unity

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Playlist 22-10-2021

NorthTale – Midnight bells
In Vain – Falling to the ground
Existance – Power of the gods
Kill Ritual – Thy will be done
U.D.O. – Like a beast
Tremonti – In one piece
Volbeat – Shotgun blues
Corrosive Sweden – The curse
Venus Syndrome – Sideral groove
Majestica – Glory of christmas
Beast In Black – Moonlight rendezvous

Exodus – The years of death and dying
The Sixpounders – Butchers
In Somnia – Crossing styx
Voidfallen – From embers to fall
Infected Chaos – Hollow chars
Fleischer – Rattenfängerin
Creeping Death – The edge of existence
Hate – Sun of extinction
Ex Deo – What artist dies in me
Arch Enemy – Deceiver, deceiver
Skarlett Riot – Black cloud
Vildhjarta – Passage noir

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