Playlist 28-01-2022

Metal Allegiance – Life in the fast lane
Animal Drive – Judgement day
Susperia – The sun always shines on tv
Dream Theater – Run to the hills
Celtica – Thunderstruck/It’s a long way to the top/Highway to hell
Apocalyptica – Seemann (Feat. Nina Hagen)
Atrocity – Pictures of matchstick men
Motörhead – Heroes
Powerwolf – Edge of thornes
Samael – Helter skelter
Lacuna Coil – Live to tell
Volbeat – Domino

Leatherwolf – Bad moon rising
Dymytry – Somebody’s watching me
Sonata Arctica – Run to you
Onslaught – Atomic punk
Edge Of Sanity – Blood of my enemies
Cannibal Corpse – Zero the hero
Critical Mess – Blinding lights
Kobra And The Lotus – The chain
Sarah Jezebel Deva – Zombie
Delain – Scandal
Planleft – Type O rebel yell
Moonspell – Mr. Crowley
Feuerschwanz – Hier kommt alex

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Playlist 07-01-2022

Herbst – Besser ohne dich
NorthTale – Midnight bells
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Airbourne – Breakin’ outta hell
Hootenanny Freaks – Down to drain
Black Label Society – Destroy & conquer
Volbeat – The Sacred Stones
Death Angel – Guilty of innocence
Iron Fate – Crimson messiah
Wilderun – Passenger

Wolftopia – Wash the spears
Battle Beast – Where angels fear to fly
Skarlett Riot – Black cloud
Comeback Kid – Crossed
Vein.FM – The killing womb
Sylosis – Immovable stone
Arch Enemy – House of mirrors
Unleashed – Where can you flee?
Nightrage – Cursed by the gift of sight
Aeon – God ends here
Decembre Noir – A swan lake full of tears
Amorphis – Four wise ones

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Playlist 17-12-2021

Metallica – Engel
Blue Öyster Cult/Megadeth – For whom the bell tolls
Megadeth – These boots
NorthTale – Judas be my guide
Gwar – If you want blood (you got it)
Heidevolk – Vulgaris magistralis
King Diamond & Black Rose – Radar love
Entombed – Welcome home
Dark Tranquillity – Lady in black
Arch Enemy – Back to back
Raunchy – Last christmas
Tarja – Still of the night

Sepultura – Firestarter
Ministry – Iron man
Five Finger Death Punch – Mama said knock you out
Raintime – Beat it
Slayer – Born to be wild
Crown Of Thorns – Mandatory suicide
Volbeat – Return to none
Caliban – Blinded by fear
The Agonist – Take me to church
Burden Of Grief – Mouth for war
Kill The Lights – Into the pit
Lion’s Share – Knock on wood
Mob Rules – Raven’s flight
Disconnected Souls – Merry Xmas (war is over)

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Playlist 10-12-2021

Rage – Monetary gods
Helloween – Skyfall
Brainstorm – Escape the silence
Flotsam And Jetsam – The wicked hour
Bloodkill – Unite and conquer
Kill Ritual – Light the fire
Sabaton – Christmas truce
Volbeat – Lasse’s birgitta

Nightrage – Cursed by the gift of sight
Hypocrisy – Greedy bastards
Omnium Gatherum – Paragon
Unanimated – Seven mouths of madness
Sarcasm – The powers of suffering that be
At The Gates – The paradox
The Crown – Let the hammering begin!
Bonded – Destroy the things I love
Hate – The wolf queen
Unleashed – The king lost his crown
Dvne – Towers

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Playlist 03-12-2021

AC/DC – For those about to rock
Black Label Society – Destroy & conquer
Armored Saint – Symbol of salvation
Volbeat – Say no more
Running Wild – Stargazed
Heir Apperent – The servant
Hollow – The tower
North Tale – Future calls
Victory – Rising force
Kill Ritual – Angels in black
Majestica – This christmas

Comeback Kid – Crossed feat. Joe Duplantier
Bleed From Within – I am damnation
Sylosis – Immovable stone
Death Angel – Guilty of innocence
Sodom – Genocide
Exodus – The fires of division
Nightrage – 9th circle of hell
Hypocrisy – They will arrive
Sarcasm – The spinning tomb
Unleashed – The shepherd has left the flock
In Mourning – At the behest of night
Swallow The Sun – Enemy

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Playlist 12-11-2021

The Gathering – Strange machines
Armored Saint – Dropping like flies
Skarlett Riot – Black cloud
Victory – Gods of tommorow
Manowar – Fighting the world
Running Wild – Strutter
Volbeat – Becoming
Baron Carta – Altrincham
Emigrate – Rage
Deadlock – Smalltown boy
Venus Syndrome – Dark side of the sun
Dream Theater – Invisible monster

Maté Bodor – The forgotten ones
Bonded – Watch (while the world burns)
Nightrage – Ayss rising
Unleashed – The king lost his crown
Husqwarnah – Screams from the cellar
Infecected Chaos – Iron nights
Spirit World – Unholy passages
Kataklysm – To reign again
God Dethroned – Eye of horus
Behemoth – Evoe
Omnium Gatherum – Fortitude

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Playlist 22-10-2021

NorthTale – Midnight bells
In Vain – Falling to the ground
Existance – Power of the gods
Kill Ritual – Thy will be done
U.D.O. – Like a beast
Tremonti – In one piece
Volbeat – Shotgun blues
Corrosive Sweden – The curse
Venus Syndrome – Sideral groove
Majestica – Glory of christmas
Beast In Black – Moonlight rendezvous

Exodus – The years of death and dying
The Sixpounders – Butchers
In Somnia – Crossing styx
Voidfallen – From embers to fall
Infected Chaos – Hollow chars
Fleischer – Rattenfängerin
Creeping Death – The edge of existence
Hate – Sun of extinction
Ex Deo – What artist dies in me
Arch Enemy – Deceiver, deceiver
Skarlett Riot – Black cloud
Vildhjarta – Passage noir

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Playlist 01-10-2021

Victory – Gods of tomorrow
Guns N’ Roses – Hard skool
Volbeat – Shotgun blues
Tremonti – A world away
Lion’s Share – Baptized in blood
Mary’s Blood – Without a crown
Lordi – Abracadaver
ToxicRose – Heroes
Baron Carta – Altrincham
Majestica – Metal united
North Tale – Only human
Aexylium – The fifth season
Rage – A new land

Infrared – Lockdown
Extinction AD – Carnage
Carcass – The scythe’s remorseless swing
Pathology – As the entrails wither
Rivers Of Nihil – The void from which no sound escapes
Enslaved – Caravans to the outer world
Insomnium – The conjurer
Wulfgar – Where the dark elves dwell
Tol Morwen – Terror of rome
Morbid Angel – Dawn of the angry

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Playlist 06-08-2021

Manowar – Fighting the world
Dee Snider – Down but never out
Tremonti – If not for you
Manimal – Armageddon
Volbeat – Don’t tread on me
Sorceress Of Sin – Realms of elysium
Brainstorm – Turn of the light
Emerald Rage – Into the sky
Sonata Arctica – Wolf & raven
DragonForce – Cry thunder
Lion’s Share – Youphoria

Gorefest – Rise to ruin
Kataklysm – To reign again
At The Gates – Garden of cyrus
Blood Red Throne – Conquered malevolence
Rivers Of Nihil – Clean
Rebellion – Gods of war
Godslave – Positive aggressive
Space Chaser – Burn them all
Berry de Jonge – Tornado of souls
Soen – EMDR

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Playlist 30-07-2021

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 30-07-2021 1: Sledgehammer Nosejob Sharp dressed man Sharp dressed man Self released Metal Church By the numbers Damned if you do Rat pack Slipknot …

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