Playlist 05-11-2021

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Metal Warehouse 05-11-2021

Kill Ritual Angels in black Thy will be done
Blood blast
Running Wild Wings of fire Blood on blood
Firewind New found power 25 Years Metal Addiction – The Rare & The Unreleased
The Three Tremors War of nations Guardians of the void
Steel cartel
Enforcer At the end of the rainbow At the end of the rainbow
Nuclear blast
Beast In Black One night in tokyo Dark connection
Nuclear blast
Battle Beast Master of illusion Circus of doom
Nuclear blast
The Night Eternal Cloaked in darkness Moonlit cross
Lucifer Crucifix (I burn for you) Lucifer IV
Century media
Bloodyclerks Made of darkness and light Doldrums combustion
Self released
Porcupine Tree Harridan Closure continuation
Nightrage Abyss rising Abyss rising
Oceans Sulfur Sulfur
Nuclear blast
Fit For An Autopsy Pandora Pandora
Nuclear blast
Husqwarnah Ignoto1 Front toward enemy
Spirit World The bringer of light Pagan rhythms
Self released
Fleischer Der Schneider Knochenhauer
The Sixpounder Butchers Butchers
Crimson skies
Infected Chaos Eager breed the gods of pestilence Dead aesthetics
Self released
Blood Red Throne Transparent existence Imperial congregation
Nuclear blast
Exodus The years of death and dying Persona non grata
Nuclear blast
Cradle Of Filth Necromantic fantasies Existence is futile
Nuclear blast
Omnium Gatherum Unity Origin
Century media

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