Playlist 01-07-2022

Thundermother – The light in the sky
Anvil – Ghost shadow
Nordic Union – In every waking hour
Helloween – Best time
Stratovarius – Survive
Fallen Sanctuary – Rise against the world
Lion’s Share – Infernal soul
Soilwork – Nous sommes la guerre
In Flames – State of slow decay
Nightrage – 9th circle of hell
Darkane – Conspiracies of the flesh
Arch Enemy – Sunset over the empire

Halestorm – Back from the dead
Icon For Hire – Dismantled
Mentalist – Generations legacy
Sinner – Bulletproof
Machine Head – Unhallowed
Midnight – In sinful secrecy
Alestorm – Seventh rum of a seventh rum
Amon Amarth – Get in the ring
Kreator – Demonic future
Amken – Passive aggression
Lorna Shore – Popecrusher
Septic Flesh – A desert throne

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Playlist 22-04-2022

Nitrogods – Black car driving man
Thundermother – Watch out
Motor Sister – Right there, just like that
Beneath Atlantis – No direction
Hammerfall – Brotherhood
Lion’s Share – Throne of steel
Nord – Fear reigns
Five Finger Death Punch – Afterlife
Awakening Sun – Letting go
The Wise Man’s Fear – Slumbering world
Bleed From Within – Stand down
Machine Head – Choke on the ashes of your hate
Rammstein – Zick zack

The Halo Effect – Days of the lost
In Flames – Everything counts
Nightrage – Abyss rising
The Defaced – Celestial display
Hagalas – Animal farm
Amorphis – Black winter day
Thou, feat Emma Ruth Rundle – Night
Dead Circus Fire – White wash
Traitor – Exiled to the surface
Kreator – Strongest of the strong
Denomination – Der mensch über alles
Monuments – Cardinal red
Light Beneath – Ravens

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Playlist 21-01-2022

Victory – In rock we trust
Dio – I speed at night
Tokyo Blade – I am unbroken
Iron Fate – We rule the night
The Halo Effect – Feel what I believe
Ibaraki – Tamashii no houkai
Caliban – Ascent of the blessed
Wolves At The Gate – Lights & fire
Wolftopia – The last embrace of the mother
Beriedir – Departure song
Hammerfall – Venerate me

Bad Omens – Like a villain
Battle Beast – Wings of light
Chronomancy – Dance of the vampires
Ashes Of Ares – I am the night
The Ferrymen – The last wave
Dymytry – Never gonna die
Immolation – The age of no light
Fit For An Autopsy – A higher level of hate
Vio-Lence – Flesh from bone
Arch Enemy – House of mirrors
Nightrage – Shadows embrace me
Nailed To Obscurity – Liquid mourning

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Playlist 07-01-2022

Herbst – Besser ohne dich
NorthTale – Midnight bells
AC/DC – Thunderstruck
Airbourne – Breakin’ outta hell
Hootenanny Freaks – Down to drain
Black Label Society – Destroy & conquer
Volbeat – The Sacred Stones
Death Angel – Guilty of innocence
Iron Fate – Crimson messiah
Wilderun – Passenger

Wolftopia – Wash the spears
Battle Beast – Where angels fear to fly
Skarlett Riot – Black cloud
Comeback Kid – Crossed
Vein.FM – The killing womb
Sylosis – Immovable stone
Arch Enemy – House of mirrors
Unleashed – Where can you flee?
Nightrage – Cursed by the gift of sight
Aeon – God ends here
Decembre Noir – A swan lake full of tears
Amorphis – Four wise ones

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Playlist 10-12-2021

Rage – Monetary gods
Helloween – Skyfall
Brainstorm – Escape the silence
Flotsam And Jetsam – The wicked hour
Bloodkill – Unite and conquer
Kill Ritual – Light the fire
Sabaton – Christmas truce
Volbeat – Lasse’s birgitta

Nightrage – Cursed by the gift of sight
Hypocrisy – Greedy bastards
Omnium Gatherum – Paragon
Unanimated – Seven mouths of madness
Sarcasm – The powers of suffering that be
At The Gates – The paradox
The Crown – Let the hammering begin!
Bonded – Destroy the things I love
Hate – The wolf queen
Unleashed – The king lost his crown
Dvne – Towers

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Playlist 03-12-2021

AC/DC – For those about to rock
Black Label Society – Destroy & conquer
Armored Saint – Symbol of salvation
Volbeat – Say no more
Running Wild – Stargazed
Heir Apperent – The servant
Hollow – The tower
North Tale – Future calls
Victory – Rising force
Kill Ritual – Angels in black
Majestica – This christmas

Comeback Kid – Crossed feat. Joe Duplantier
Bleed From Within – I am damnation
Sylosis – Immovable stone
Death Angel – Guilty of innocence
Sodom – Genocide
Exodus – The fires of division
Nightrage – 9th circle of hell
Hypocrisy – They will arrive
Sarcasm – The spinning tomb
Unleashed – The shepherd has left the flock
In Mourning – At the behest of night
Swallow The Sun – Enemy

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Playlist 12-11-2021

The Gathering – Strange machines
Armored Saint – Dropping like flies
Skarlett Riot – Black cloud
Victory – Gods of tommorow
Manowar – Fighting the world
Running Wild – Strutter
Volbeat – Becoming
Baron Carta – Altrincham
Emigrate – Rage
Deadlock – Smalltown boy
Venus Syndrome – Dark side of the sun
Dream Theater – Invisible monster

Maté Bodor – The forgotten ones
Bonded – Watch (while the world burns)
Nightrage – Ayss rising
Unleashed – The king lost his crown
Husqwarnah – Screams from the cellar
Infecected Chaos – Iron nights
Spirit World – Unholy passages
Kataklysm – To reign again
God Dethroned – Eye of horus
Behemoth – Evoe
Omnium Gatherum – Fortitude

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Playlist 05-11-2021

Kill Ritual – Angels in black
Running Wild – Wings of fire
Firewind – New found power
The Three Tremors – War of nations
Enforcer – At the end of the rainbow
Beast In Black – One night in tokyo
Battle Beast – Master of illusion
The Night Eternal – Cloaked in darkness
Lucifer – Crucifix (I burn for you)
Bloodyclerks – Made of darkness and light
Porcupine Tree – Harridan

Nightrage – Abyss rising
Oceans – Sulfur
Fit For An Autopsy – Pandora
Husqwarnah – Ignoto1
Spirit World – The bringer of light
Fleischer – Der Schneider
The Sixpounder – Butchers
Infected Chaos – Eager breed the gods of pestilence
Blood Red Throne – Transparent existence
Exodus – The years of death and dying
Cradle Of Filth – Necromantic fantasies
Omnium Gatherum – Unity

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Playlist 02-04-2021

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Playlist 20-09-2019

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