Playlist 08-09-2023

Firewind – I am anger
Primal Fear – Play a song
Borealis – Pray for water
Soen – Icon
Signum Regis – Alt of the earth
Dycrest – Man made god
Stitchd Up Heart – Possess me
Dead Icarus – Sellout
Cannibal Corpse – Summoned for sacrifice
Asinhell – Fall of the loyal warrior
Amon Amarth – Saxons and vikings
Heidevolk – Raidho

Decembre Noir – Against the daylight
Sylosis – A sign of things to come
Oomph! – Nichts wird mehr gut
Ministry – Goddamn white trash
Banshee – Birth of venus
Marduk – Coffin carol
Graveworm – We are the resistance
The Wounded – Bricklayer
Rivers Of Nihil – The sub-orbital blues
Atlases – Eyelids of the new dawn
Crowbar – The fear that binds you

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Playlist 18-08-2023

Alice Cooper – White line frankenstein
Raven – Surf the tsunami
Firewind – Overdrive
Theocracy – Return to dust
Painkiller – Four horsemen
Angelus Apatrida – Cold
Vendetta – Stranglehold of terror
Ministry – Goddamn white trash
Banshee – Birth of venus
Undead Corporation – God of leaf
Lacuna Coil – Never dawn
Amaranthe – Damnation flame

Cyhra – If I
Refuser – Jason
Lancer – Blind Faith
Bloodbound – Drink with the gods
Heidevolk – Drink met de goden (Walhalla)
Amon Amarth – Put your back into the oar
Bloodshed Walhalla – Fly my raven
Dead Icarus – Sellout
Sargassus – King of the sun

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Playlist 21-07-2023

Iron Maiden – Caught somewehere in time
Walk With Titans – Final dawn
Wolf – Dust
Brainstorm – When ravens fly
Volbeat – Don’t tread on me
Firewind – New found power
Generation Kill – Rat king
Evile – Monolith
Xentrix – Spit coin
Overkill – Scorched
The Bleeding – Chemical lobotomy

Omicida – Sacrifice the bastard son
Damnation Plan – Dreamdead
In Flames – Meet your maker
Obituary – Dying of everything
Amon Amarth – Death in fire
Mors Principium Est – Rebirth
Paradise Lost – Gods of ancient
Vallenfyre – Degeneration
Kataklysm – Bringer of vengeance
Exmortus – Beyond the grave
Fifth Angel – We are immortal
Crossed Hearts – War rig

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Playlist 05-05-2023

Ravenstine – Freedom day
Fireborn – Done with you
Metallica – Shadows follow
Spirit Adrift – Death won’t stop me
Beast In Black – Blade runner
Burning Witches – Unleash the beast
Enforced – The quickening
Evil X – Dead eyes
Kobra And The Lotus – Losing my humanity
Firewind – Warriors and saints
Dreamyth – Firelove

Overkill – Scorched
Fifth Angel – When angels kill
Morphetik – Fatal incursion
Holy Moses – Downfall of mankind
Graveworm – We are the resistance
Keep Of Kalessin – Throne of execration
Immortal – Wargod
Scar Symmetry – Chrononautilus
Pitch Black Mentality – Eternal night
Atlases – Save room

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Playlist 24-02-2023

Edguy – Cum on feel the noise
Benedictum – Balls to the wall
Megadeth – Strange ways
Alcohólica – All I have to do is dream
Machine Head – South of heaven
Lord – Send me an angel
Atrocity – Send me an angel
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth criminal
The CNK – Weißes fleisch
Iron Savior – This flight tonight
Firewind – Maniac
Great White – Diamonds and rust
Blind Guardian – You’re the voice

Hammerfall – My sharona
Savage Circus – Ça plane pour moi
Freedom Call – Dr. Stein
Iron Maiden – Doctor doctor
Atreyu – Guitar gangsters and cadillac blood
Children Of Bodom – Rebel yell
Dope – Rebel yell
Halestorm – Slave to the grind
Iced Earth – Highway to hell
Dan Swanö – Melissa
Redemption – Turn it on again
Rise Against – Any way you want it
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet – He’s back (The man behind the mask)

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Playlist 05-11-2021

Kill Ritual – Angels in black
Running Wild – Wings of fire
Firewind – New found power
The Three Tremors – War of nations
Enforcer – At the end of the rainbow
Beast In Black – One night in tokyo
Battle Beast – Master of illusion
The Night Eternal – Cloaked in darkness
Lucifer – Crucifix (I burn for you)
Bloodyclerks – Made of darkness and light
Porcupine Tree – Harridan

Nightrage – Abyss rising
Oceans – Sulfur
Fit For An Autopsy – Pandora
Husqwarnah – Ignoto1
Spirit World – The bringer of light
Fleischer – Der Schneider
The Sixpounder – Butchers
Infected Chaos – Eager breed the gods of pestilence
Blood Red Throne – Transparent existence
Exodus – The years of death and dying
Cradle Of Filth – Necromantic fantasies
Omnium Gatherum – Unity

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Playlist 12-06-2020

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Playlist 15-05-2020

Listen to this show: Metal Warehouse 15-05-2020 1: Axel Rudi Pell Bad reputation Sign of the times Steamhammer Khemmis A conversation with death Doomed heavy metal Nuclear blast Firewind Perfect …

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