YouTuber Offers Heavy Metal Cooking Instructions Set to The Ghost Inside’s Music

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Listening to metal while cooking is a great way to catch up on some new music or jam your favorite classics, but what if there was a way to combine your love for cooking and metal? Well you can forget the “what if” because YouTuber Linzey Rae has done the hard work already and can teach you how to make shepherd’s pie… the metal way!

Creating a unique spin on the Ghost Inside‘s “The Great Unknown,” Rae switches up the lyrics, adopting her recipe for shepherd’s pie to match the flow of the original phrasing. The video opens up showing a cat looking for scraps on the cutting board which rests atop the oven. Relax! This furry little one doesn’t make its way to the ingredients list, but carrots, onions and meat are part of the formula.

The video goes on to show what seasonings to use, when to add each ingredient and how to prepare the dishware before baking. She exclaims that she invited friends over to eat instead of going to McDonald’s because “homecooked meals do less to my thighs / I chose to make shepherd’s pie” before the breakdown ensues.

The Ghost Inside were involved in a major bus accident while on tour in November, leaving members of the band and crew with serious injuries. The band’s label, Epitaph Records, has even decided to give the group all of the profits from worldwide album sales indefinitely to help them with their medical expenses.

The Ghost Inside, “The Great Unknown”

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