Watch the Metallica ‘Night Before’ Super Bowl Concert Right Here

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Who needs a half time show at the Super Bowl when you have Metallica performing a full concert one day earlier as part of ‘The Night Before’ event at AT&T Park in San Francisco!? The thrash titans will not only be performing an electrifying show and streaming it live around 8:30PT (use the player above), but they will debut a brand new stage production to boot.

In preparation for the big event, Metallica ran through their soundcheck the night before ‘The Night Before’ show and invited 250 fan club members to join them as they ensured everything would run smooth the next day. Fan-filmed footage (seen below) showcased an elaborate setup with hulking LED screens consuming the background of the stage as visual clips were spliced in with several camera angles shooting different members of the band.

Excited for the hometown show, drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to Rolling Stone about Metallica’s new stage design, exclaiming, “It’s big. I mean it’s really big. I haven’t seen it yet, but I got sent the first pictures last night, and it’s very vivid. It’ll light up the sky.” While AT&T Park has had issues with noise pollution in the past, hopefully the overwhelmingly bright lights won’t see any residents filing complaints.

“If I told you that we were going to play all the deep, obscure tracks from Load and ReLoad, you know I’d be lying to you,” Ulrich said, shifting the focus to the setlist. “I don’t want to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm,” he continued, “but we’re leaning a little bit towards the classics. We do so many different configurations of set lists for if we’re playing theaters, somebody’s basement, arenas, and recently at our last couple of indoor shows, we went very deep.”

Citing an example, the stickman went on, “Last summer, we played “The Unforgiven II,” which we’d never played live before, and we had tracks like “Disposable Heroes” and “Metal Militia” and “King Nothing” after a long absence.” Returning to the current set, he finished, “But I will go out on a limb here and say we will lean on the classics. There will be a significant portion of those, whatever they may be.”

Again, use the player above to stream Metallica’s ‘The Night Before’ concert, which is expected to begin around 8:30PT.

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