Watch Sebastian Bach, Ace Frehley + More Rock Classics at Cathouse Live Festival

Rock on! The Cathouse Lives … at least it did over the weekend as a number of rockers who once played the Los Angeles Sunset Strip rock-filled residency gathered together with founder Riki Rachtman to revive The Cathouse as part of the Cathouse Live festival at Irvine Meadows in Southern California.

While most acts had their own sets, the highlight for many festival goers was the all-star jam that included such star players as Sebastian Bach, Ace Frehley, Gilby Clarke, Evan Seinfeld, Michael Starr, Nuno Bettencourt and Phil Lewis. Fan-shot footage of the all-star outfit performing songs like “Deuce” (seen above), “Mr. Brownstone,” “Search and Destroy” and “Jean Genie” (all seen below) have surfaced online.

Bach, in particular, was on a high after playing the show. He penned an open letter with a photo on his Instagram. The text reads as follows, with the Instagram photo posted below:

I am still on a high from Saturday’s show at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. It’s hard for me to put into words what this day meant to all of us. During our show there were moments when all the lighters were lit up, sorry I mean all the cell phones were lit up, because it’s 2015 now. As far as the eye could see. It’s always a breathtaking, beautiful vibe. The first time I played Irvine Meadows was 1989 with Bon Jovi. My brother Zac was a little kid and my dad brought him to the show that day. On Saturday my daughter Tiana was standing side stage, 28 years later. Next to my beautiful bride to be Suzanne. We came out on fire after seven weeks of touring. At the end of the night we got to shred ‘Deuce’ w Ace Frehley & the rock n’ roll circle was complete. The crowd packed out the place and made us feel so special we cannot thank you enough. We will never forget Saturday!!!! Thanks to John Reece & Riki Rachtman & the bands & crew for throwing the party!! I only hope we can do it again sometime at the Cathouse LIVE!!! Southern California you made our set a night we will never forget!!! Irvine Meadows what can we say, but THANK YOU for 28 YEARS of ROCK N’ ROLL!!!!!! #cathouselive #KISS #AceFrehley #Hot #Pink #Bride #Lucky #IrvineMeadows #SummerNights #RockNRoll

Check out videos from the Cathouse Live festival below.

Watch the Cathouse All-Stars Play “Mr. Brownstone”

Watch the Cathouse All-Stars Play “Search and Destroy”

Watch the Cathouse All-Stars Play “Jean Genie”

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