Watch Out Stampede announce new album to be released in March 2017

Founded 2011 in Bremen, the post-hardcore quintet could score quite a bit of success since releasing their debut album REACHER on NOIZGATE Records in 2014: The second album TIDES followed in 2015 and this year the band wowed the crowds playing huge festival gigs at Wacken Open Air or Reload Festival. For WATCH OUT STAMPEDE means banging breakdowns and angry shouts coming upon a poppy songwriting and crystal clear refrains: That’s a guarantee for sweat by the liter and a sore neck on the following day, seeing these guys perform live!

WATCH OUT STAMPEDE have now announced their third studio for 2017: The record, called SVTVNIC, will exclusively be released by NOIZGATE Records on March 17th, 2017.

About a year and a half have passed since TIDES and the world hasn’t become the least little bit less blustery. And so WATCH OUT STAMPEDE are once more attending to the state of the earth and the globaloney greeting us day by day from colorful screens. The result are quite likely the ten most brutal songs, the five have brought to the world so far: Angry guitar walls battling atmospheric string arrangements, with the interaction of drums and bass adding an uncompromising groove.

SVTVNIC is the heaviest and at the same time most melodic album we’ve written so far: Never before have we struck this hard. Coincidentally we’re using a lot more background harmonies such as strings or piano, which make our sound more voluminous, adding an extra richness. Throughout the last year there hasn’t been much good to say about the world. SVTVNIC takes this madness to absurdity’, singer and guitarist Dennis Landt explains.

In advance we may already reveal the cover artwork (attached to this email) and track list of SVTVNIC to you:

01 Sharks
02 Feather
03 H.A.T.E.
04 Guacamole Takeover
05 Fingers Crossed
06 Paper Hearts
08 The Last Walk
09 Wires
10 Solaris

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