Playlist 16-12-2016

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Metal Warehouse 16-12-2016

Gamma Ray No return Insanity and genius
Thunder And Lightning Welcome to the darkside The ages will turn
Self released
Ghost Ship Octavius In dreams Ghost ship octavius
Self released
Accept Pandemic Restless & live
Nuclear blast
Ranger Without warning Speed & violence
Pessimist Son of satan Call to war
Metallica Spit out the bone Hardwired… to self-destruct
Witchery Lavey-athan In his infernal majesty’s service
Century media
Soulburn Howling at the heart of death Earthless pagan spirit
Century media
Mithras Inside the godmind On strange loops
Enbound Give me light The blackened heart
Inner wound
Lacuna Coil Naughty christmas Naughty christmas single
Century media
The Legion Ghost The end of tides …two for eternity
Groovenom Fck mtl Modern death pop
A Sense Of Gravity Reclusive peace Atrament
Self released
Pikes Edge Just go to hell All of our beauty
Hammer music
Dreamshade Autumn leaves Vibrant
Symbolic Alternate breed 5ive
Self released
ATOA Pocahontas Pocahontas single
Arising empire
Sick Of It All Doomed campaign When the smoke clears
Century media
UGF The taste of rust Asabeia. ataraxis.
Yggdrassil Berserkers One step closer to valhalla
Self released
Dark Tranquillity The pitiless Atoma
Century media

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