Watch GWAR’s ‘Sick of You’ Get Covered by Iron and Wine

We have quite the role reversal! After seeing GWAR perform multiple times on the A.V. Club, covering Kansas, Pet Shop Boys, Billy Ocean, Cyndi Lauper and the Ramones the time has come to watch a band cover GWAR for a change. With a list of cover choices dwindling after each guest, it must have been a grim selection for Iron and Wine‘s Sam Beam to decide on the Scumdogs’ anthemic “Sick of You.”

Usually featured at the end of the set or during the encore at GWAR shows, “Sick of You” is a bonafide fan favorite that sees the venue nearly explode with energy. Beam, the lone man responsible for the folk outfit Iron and Wine, recorded a version of the song that saps all the life from the original and strips it down to a simple voice and acoustic rendition.

The crude lyrics are incredibly out of place in a folk song, especially in the context of genre legend Bob Dylan and his masterfully poetic and impactful lyrics. Changing the phrasing quite a bit, Beam makes the song sound hopelessly dismal rather than the upbeat sing-along Bohabs are used to. The camera cuts to a reaction shot from GWAR, who stand with arms crossed and a disgruntled look on their collective faces. Beam, a bit dejected, proposes covering “Meat Sandwich” instead, to which BalSac, the Jaws of Death shakes his head in disapproval.

GWAR are on the road wrapping up an extensive U.S. tour with Born of Osiris and Battlecross. Check out the remaining tour dates here.

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