Watch Aaron Lewis Rant Against Beer-Throwing Audience Member

When will people learn?! Simply put, do not mess with Aaron Lewis‘ show! The Staind frontman and solo artist recently put another audience member in their place after someone in the crowd allegedly threw a beer bottle and hit a girl in the head.

As can be seen in the fan-shot video above, Lewis takes the person to task during his Friday performance in San Antonio. “What the f–k is wrong with you?,” shouts Lewis. “That’s a glass f–king bottle you just hit some girl in the back of the head with, you f–king douchebag. So I’d appreciate it if you’d continue pointing him out until security gets over there so that we can have his ass thrown the f–k out of here. ‘Cause I’m not playing any more until he’s f–king gone…”

True to his word, Lewis stopped, pulled out a cigarette and lit it while security found the offender and had him escorted out. After all was said and done, Lewis gets everyone back into having a good time and on queue, the band starts back in with another song. Check out the footage in the player above.

This isn’t the first time Lewis has called out an audience member. He had a rather epic rant in late May 2014 at Kansas City’s Rockfest, where he stopped Staind’s performance to berate a select number of audience goers who were apparently “molesting” a teenage girl while she was crowd surfing. That rant was good enough to make our Intense Onstage Tirades feature that can be seen below.

At present, Lewis is touring solo, furthering his country music career. His next studio album is due early next year. The vocalist recently revealed that it may be some time before Staind resumes work as he’s currently performing solo while guitarist Mike Mushok is getting the band Saint Asonia off to a great start.

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