Video: ROCK GODDESS Performs At Germany’s KEEP IT TRUE Festival

Fan-filmed video footage of the reunited original lineup of ROCK GODDESS — the female power trio from the days of NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) featuring sisters Jody and Julie Turner along with bassist Tracey Lamb — performing on April 29 at this year’s edition of the Keep It True festival in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany can be seen below.

Speaking about ROCK GODDESS’s forthcoming comeback album, which was originally supposed to be titled “Unfinished Business”, Lamb told MetalTalk: “We’ve got a track the same name, ‘Unfinished Business’, but we’ve decided to call it something else, which we haven’t quite decided yet.”

Asked who is producing the CD, Jody said: “It’s produced by me and someone else. Whether another producer comes in at the end, that’s still to be decided.”

Lamb previously said that the new material “is sounding mega and awesome” and added that playing the band’s classic songs feels “weird but wonderful.”

ROCK GODDESS was formed in 1977 in Wandsworth South London by Jody Turner (guitar and vocals) and Julie Turner (drums) when they were thirteen and nine years old, respectively. They recruited school friend Tracey Lamb on bass guitar.

ROCK GODDESS first rose to the nation’s awareness when they were first featured in Kerrang! No. 5 in 1981 in the “Armed And Ready” section as one of the bands to watch out for. After recording a four-track demo tape and an appearance at the Reading Festival in 1982, sharing a bill with IRON MAIDEN, plus regular shows at the Marquee club, the band landed a contract with the A&M label. They recorded their eponymous debut album with producer Vic Maile in 1983 and hit the lower end of the charts. A follow-up album, “Hell Hath No Fury”, arrived a year later, by which time Lamb had left the band to form SHE and later to join GIRLSCHOOL.

After their contract with A&M expired in 1987, ROCK GODDESS‘ already recorded (in 1985) third album, titled “Young And Free”, was released only in France. The effort saw the band taking on a more commercial sound.

ROCK GODDESS‘ career was cut short by financial and contractual problems, which forced them to disband shortly thereafter.

ROCK GODDESS did briefly reform in 2009 and was due to play Hard Rock Hell festival in Prestatyn, and was also booked to perform at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany the following summer, but split before they had a chance to appear at either event.

In March 2013, it was announced that the original ROCK GODDESS lineup of Jody Turner, Julie Turner and Tracey Lamb had reunited and would start recording a new album.

Source: Blabbermouth

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