Video Premiere: ARMORED SAINT’s ‘An Exercise In Debauchery’

ARMORED SAINT’s video for the song “An Exercise In Debauchery” can be seen below. The clip was directed by Brian Cox, who has previously worked with PRONG and HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, among others.

ARMORED SAINT singer John Bush said: “I’m so happy with the way this video turned out.

“The song has a heavy subject matter and the video complements it perfectly. There’s also a feeling of campiness, which makes the viewer fade in and out of being uncomfortable and having a chuckle.

“The actors did a great job and personal props to my neighbor Sharon, who let it all out as the police officer. Oh, yeah, the band looks badass as well. Debauchery indeed.”

Added Cox: “This was by far the most challenging music video I have ever produced — everything from the direction of the video down to the post-production editing techniques. It pushed my boundaries in every way possible, which is why this one has has landed a spot as my personal favorite video to date!”

“An Exercise In Debauchery” is taken from ARMORED SAINT’s seventh studio album, “Win Hands Down”, which was released on June 2 in North America via Metal Blade.

Regarding the songwriting process for “Win Hands Down”, ARMORED SAINT bassist Joey Vera told Metal Forces magazine: “[John and I] always have these discussions — him and I — about what we’re gonna do, and the state of the music. We look at our past a little bit, and we look at what our intentions are gonna be. We usually have the same conversation, and it goes something like this. For one thing, we never wanna repeat ourselves. We don’t want to just make part two of another record that we made and at the same time; we want to experiment more. We want to push ourselves as far as the soundscapes go, and as far as instrumentation or arrangements go. We never wanna go out and just make a record that is obligatory, you know what I mean? We never wanna feel like we’re obliged to please a group of fans, let’s say, where all they wanna hear is ‘Symbol Of Salvation’ over and over and over. We never wanna do that. We always have to make music that’s basically pleasing to ourselves first. Now, that’s not to say that we are willing to just completely abandon everybody. We are well aware of where we come from and what the lineage is of our group. Once we decided on that, then that’s the conversation we continued to remind ourselves of along the way, like, ‘How can we make this bigger, better and more interesting? Let’s be challenging to ourselves a little bit.’ That’s usually the conversation we have.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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