Van Halen’s David Lee Roth Hilariously Berates Fan Who Threw Beer Onstage

With the high price of beer at concerts, it seems like a waste of money to want to toss one onstage. But that’s exactly what a fan did at a Van Halen concert last week in Camden, N.J.

In the NSFW video you can watch above, frontman David Lee Roth was not happy with the brewski that landed on stage. As the band was starting the song “Dirty Movies,” Roth stopped the show and berated the beer tosser, having a bit of fun while doing so.

“Somebody just threw a beer up here,” Roth says as a crew member mops up the mess. “In a younger day I would’ve promised I would’ve slept with his girlfriend. At this point in my career, the roughest, most f—ed insult I could probably make to this guy is that I probably already have slept with his wife. Can you control that motherf—ker? I’ll talk to you later, sweetheart.”

The band resumed the song, but Roth wasn’t finished. Over the intro he says, “The next time, you save the beer for me, you slime.” He then proceeded to flip the bird and make an obscene gesture with the microphone.

Van Halen’s summer tour continues tonight (Aug. 31) in Cincinnati, Ohio. There’s still more than a month to go in the trek, which wraps up Oct. 2 in Los Angeles.

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