USURPER To Reunite For Appearance At ‘Holiday Of Horror’ Festival

USURPER will hit the stage for the first time in nearly 10 years to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its debut album, “Diabolosis”. The concert will take place at the Holiday Of Horror festival on December 26 in Chicago.

Founding member/guitarist Rick Scythe had this to say about the event and the future of USURPER: “It is great to get USURPER back together after nearly 10 years. Myself, along with co-founder Joe Warlord (drums) have been talking about resurrecting USURPER for quite some time, and MACABRE’s Holiday Of Horror fest seemed like the perfect event to do so.

“This isn’t some half-hearted attempt to reunite and run through a few songs, this is the 2015 version of USURPER. You will get the best possible lineup hitting the stage, featuring longtime USURPER frontman Dan Tyrantor, who made his debut at the 2003 Holiday Of Horror fest.

“After this show, we will assess things and see what the interest level is in USURPER.

“We currently have some offers to play other shows and fests, and I have many unreleased USURPER songs ready to work on with the band, but only time will tell what we decide to do.

“We will entertain any serious offers for shows or recording, but at the same time we are not under some deadline or under the control of some big label. We will do things if and when we feel like.

USURPER always had a small-yet-strong, loyal, extremely passionate fan base around the globe that have been dedicated to USURPER even long after we disbanded. It is these fans, the USURPER “Warriors Of Iron And Rust” that we feel obligated to, no one else.

“The musicianship and execution within the band is better than ever, and these old songs never sounded as good.

“For this show, we will perform a full headlining set, including at least one song from all seven USURPER releases. After that, only time will tell.”

USURPER formed in 1993 and released one demo and seven albums/EPs and toured 17 countries as headliners and as a direct support act. The final show was April 2006, headlining the main stage of the Inferno festival in Oslo, Norway.

Source: Blabbermouth

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