JASON MCMASTER’s BROKEN TEETH To Release ‘Bulldozer’ EP Next Month

BROKEN TEETH, the Austin-based hard rock quintet featuring DANGEROUS TOYS/WATCHTOWER vocalist Jason McMaster, will release a new CD and vinyl album titled “Bulldozer” on October 23 via Texas Metal Underground Records.

“Bulldozer” features five original BROKEN TEETH razor-sharp songs: “Raining Fire”; “The Rough And The Tumble”; “Red River Rising”; “Devil On The Road” (from BROKEN TEETH’s best-of CD); “Flamethrower” (previously available only as a digital download single); and two red-hot cover songs — MOTÖRHEAD’s “The Hammer” and AEROSMITH’s “Lightning Strikes”.

BROKEN TEETH will hold a “Bulldozer” CD/vinyl album release party on October 23 at The Sidewinder in Austin, Texas.

Asked when fans can expect to see a new full-length album from BROKEN TEETH, McMaster told Sleaze Roxx: “We have lots of songs written, but not yet recorded.

“The ideas come and they sit for a while before we even make a demo of them.

“We have just about done the writing and recording session every way possible. Write as many as you can as fast as you can, or I will write lyrics while the band writes song parts. It all takes about as much time to produce and the last, or the next batch of material.

“We all write the songs, so there is not just one way that works best.

“In answer to the real question, we have no idea when a new full-length will appear but we will not give in to any deadline someone may or may not have. We work at our own pace. We do this for fun and make sure we love the material we write. If we stay on it, maybe next year, we may have something.”

BROKEN TEETH has been cranking out heavy-duty rock ‘n’ roll for more than 15 years. The band exploded out of Austin in 1999 and has been a global powerhouse over the course of five albums — 1999’s self-titled debut, 2002’s “Guilty Pleasure”, 2004’s “Blood On The Radio”, 2007’s “Electric” and 2010’s “Viva La Rock Fantastico” (featuring Danko Jones) – and a non-stop touring schedule.

Source: Blabbermouth

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