THE HAUNTED Continuing Work On ‘Super-Heavy And Dynamic’ New Material

Swedish thrashers THE HAUNTED are continuing work on music for the follow-up to 2014’s “Exit Wounds” album, to be recorded later in 2016 for release through Century Media. The band states: “The material we are currently looking at is both super-heavy and dynamic, so we are excited to be recording the new tracks later in the year!”

THE HAUNTED is finally returning to North American ground in support of “Exit Wounds”. In addition to a run of tour dates starting today supporting AT THE GATES together with DECAPITATED and HARMS WAY, THE HAUNTED has announced a number of festival appearances across Europe.

Asked if going back to the old-school THE HAUNTED sound on “Exit Wounds” was a conscious decision, guitarist Patrik Jensen told EMP Rock Invasion: “The thing with THE HAUNTED is that we have always been five guys that have written music together; we were all like five generals. I mean, Marco’s [Aro, vocals] from FACE DOWN, I had SÉANCE, the [Björler] twins had AT THE GATES, and so on. Every album has been written without us knowing what will happen. So we put our riffs in, and then everyone contributes, and we discover what the outcome will be. This is the same with ‘Unseen’; we didn’t know it was gonna sound like this. It was what happened. Same with ‘Exit Wounds’. We didn’t know what was gonna happen. We have never sat down and said that we have to make this kind of album. It’s kind of logical that this album sounds the way it does, because we have the drummer from the first album, we have the singer from albums two and three, and me and Jonas have been in the band forever.”

“Exit Wounds” was once again recorded with the group’s longtime producer Tue Madsen at Denmark’s Antfarm Studio (DARK TRANQUILLITY, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, SICK OF IT ALL) and features THE HAUNTED’s revamped lineup: founding members Jonas Björler (bass) and Patrik Jensen (guitar) along with with returning members Adrian Erlandsson (drums) and Marco Aro (vocals), and the band’s latest addition, guitarist Ola Englund.

“Exit Wounds” features two special guests appearing on the song “Trend Killer”: Jed Simon (SCAR THE MARTYR, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) on lead guitar and Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT) on vocals.
Source: Blabbermouth

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