The Ghost Inside Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk Continues Recovery After Losing Right Leg

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The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has been working hard on his recovery after losing his right leg in the band’s recent bus accident. Tkaczyk is rehabbing at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich. which has been documenting Tkaczyk’s recovery for many weeks.

Andrew, along with his fellow bandmates were all lucky to have escaped from the 2015 wreck with their lives, as the drivers of both vehicles involved were killed. Along with Tkaczyk losing a leg, The Ghost Inside guitarist Zach Johnson lost two of his toes, while the other members of the band sustained significant injuries as well. Tkaczyk seems to be in good hands, thankfully, working with a team of doctors to get him walking again. One of Tkaczyk’s doctors, Stephen Bloom, is actually a drummer himself, which has formed a special bond between doctor and patient.

“A drummer’s gotta drum,” says Dr. Bloom. “He has had a remarkable recovery, despite numerous surgeries and complications. Our goal is to get him back to doing what he loves. His is an incredible story of perseverance … We will get him back to playing. It will take many months of hard work, sweat and possibly a few tears, but we will get him back. It is a fascinating journey for both of us.”

Bloom, who Tkaczyk calls ‘Dr. Drums,’ actually brought Andrew drumsticks to use during his vigorous rehabilitation sessions. “Those are my lifeline, so it was good to see and even hold a stick again. I lucked out that I had Dr. Drums,” Andrew says.

Shortly after the crash, Epitaph Records revealed that 100 percent of The Ghost Inside’s album sales will go directly to the band. “I burst into tears, I balled my eyes out,” Tkaczyk says. “It just hit me real hard. You don’t hear about labels doing things like that. It’s just like, ‘Man, they really care about us.’”

“It’s going to take months to get through all of this,” Dr. Bloom says. “But he’s got great family support, he’s got great community, he’s got the whole musical world pulling for him.”

Over $155,000 has been donated to The Ghost Inside by fans to help with medical bills. If you’d like to contribute, head over to

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