The Devil Wears Prada Talk ‘Space’ EP Inspiration, ‘Aliens’ Movie + More

The Devil Wears Prada had success a few years back when they did an EP based around the central theme of zombies. Earlier this year, the guys sought to seek if lightning could strike twice, delivering a full EP about outer space. Loudwire recently had a chance to interview The Devil Wears Prada’s Mike Hranica and Jeremy DePoyster about the Space EP and we got some insight on the disc itself as well as a few of the songs.

In the video above, Hranica tells us, “As a writer and the band in general, just getting a chance to write about this stuff we found to be really enjoyable and the reception to be really strong, too.” He adds that the band tossed around a few ideas for the central theme, but that Space just felt right.

The guys go in depth discussing three of the EP’s songs — “Planet A,” “Alien” and “Asteroid.” Hranica details a visit to keyboardist Jon Gering, who got the ball rolling on their breakout song “Planet A,” and how the idea began to snowball into a more visual tale complete with the idea for intricate artwork.

As for “Alien,” yes it was influenced by the ’80s thriller Aliens. Hranica and DePoyster also offer some insight on the upcoming video for the track, which they had just shot at the time of the interview. Meanwhile, “Asteroid” deals with the idea of the apocalypse, with Hranica stating he was trying to capture a bit of sentimentality about the world coming to an end. Check out the video in full above.

The Devil Wears Prada’s Space EP is out now. Get it via Amazon and iTunes. You can catch them on tour at these stops. See more hard rock and metal videos via Loudwire’s YouTube channel here.

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