SEBASTIAN BACH Understands Why People Keep Asking For SKID ROW Reunion

In a brand new interview with, former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach was asked if he would agree that people have an unhealthy “obsession” with getting classic lineups of successful bands back together instead of just enjoying the individual members’ respective solo work.

“I would agree with you on one hand,” he responded, “but on the other hand, as a fan, I can totally understand where a fan is coming from, that would be excited to see their favourite band reunite after decades. Like when KISS did that in 1996 — that was completely insane. I look back, through all of rock and roll, I think that when KISS reunited in ’96, it was one of the most incredible things that ever happened in rock and roll.”

He continued: “When people say, ‘Are SKID ROW going to get back together?’ I understand that question. [But] I haven’t been in the same room as [SKID ROW bassist] Rachel Bolan since ’96. It’s coming up on 20 years. If we ever were to reunite on a stage — that’s almost 20 years of getting over whatever the hell it is he’s mad about, because I’m not mad at all. The fact that the five guys in GUNS N’ ROSES are still alive, and the five guys in SKID ROW, we’re all still alive, that’s a miracle. It’s almost, like, if you have the chance to do something that epic, and you don’t do it, it’s kind of, like, selfish to me, really.”

Bach didn’t rule out one day returning to the band that made him famous, but made it clear the reunion isn’t up to him.

“It’s very easy for me to walk on the stage and sing the same songs that I already sing every night,” he said. “It’s not hard, so I don’t understand what the holdup is. You’d have to ask them.”

SKID ROW recently fired its lead singer of the past fifteen years, Johnny Solinger, and replaced him with ex-TNT frontman Tony Harnell.

In a 2010 interview, Bolan stated about SKID ROW’s split with Sebastian: “There was so much tension and so much infighting that it was hard to write songs. Snake and I formed the band, we wrote the songs, and then other people played and sang it. People wanted to break away from what had been working, and that impeded the songwriting.”

Regarding the decision to reform SKID ROW in 1999 without Bach, Bolan said: “The blood was so bad after [1995’s] ‘Subhuman Race’ and there was just so much stuff in the press, we knew it wasn’t going to work [with Sebastian]. We decided we’d rather go on being happy with what we were doing than get right back into all the tension and dissension. We loved the music, we loved playing, and we knew we could do this and have fun again. So we decided right there to continue without him.”
Source: Blabbermouth

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