SAINT ASONIA Members Notch 27th Top 10 Hit At Rock Radio

According to The Pulse Of Radio, SAINT ASONIA members Adam Gontier and guitarist Mike Mushok — better known as the former singer of THREE DAYS GRACE and current guitarist of STAIND, respectively — have penned a Top 10 rock radio hit together in “Better Place”, the first single off the self-titled debut album from their new band. Between them, Gontier and Mushok have composed or co-written 27 previous Top 10 singles, with 17 of them hitting No. 1. This marks the first time the two musicians have done it as part of the same group.

SAINT ASONIA was announced earlier this year, with Mushok and Gontier joined in the band by ex-FINGER ELEVEN drummer Rich Beddoe and STUCK MOJO and DARK NEW DAY bassist Corey Lowery.

Although Gontier left THREE DAYS GRACE in late 2012 under less than amicable circumstances, he told The Pulse Of Radio that he’s since reconnected with his former bandmates. “Over the last few months, the guys in THREE DAYS and myself have reconnected and started talking again, so I mean myself and Barry [Stock, guitarist] and Brad [Walst, bassist] are pretty tight now, so it’s a good thing. You know, I’m proud of what they’re doing and I think they’re just as proud of what I’m doing.”

Asked if he sees SAINT ASONIA as a long-term band, Mushok told “That’s the plan, to keep this thing going. It was a lot of fun making this record. There were songs that we finished that are not on the record. There were songs that we didn’t finish because we didn’t really need them. There’s plenty of music there. Plenty of things that we haven’t even looked at as far as songs that Adam has and I have. And now Corey is in the band and he writes and is super talented. So I don’t think coming up with music will be too difficult. But it’s just taking it somewhere new and having it be fresh and exciting, not only for us but for the fans as well.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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