KITTIE: Trailer For Upcoming Career-Spanning Documentary To Premiere This Friday

Canadian metal act KITTIE will release a career-spanning documentary next year. The trailer for the film will premiere on Friday September 25 at 9 p.m. in London, Ontario, Canada at the historic Hyland Cinema (240 Wharncliffe Rd S, London, ON N6J 2L4, Canada) in conjunction with the Canadian premiere of “Nintendo Quest: The Most Unofficial And Unauthorized Nintendo Documentary Ever!” as part of the London Comic Con convention. The trailer will appear online after the screening on the band’s Facebook page.

“We are absolutely elated to be able to tell the band’s colorful history through the many people that were involved throughout the years,” says KITTIE frontwoman Morgan Lander.

“This project has been a labor of love for the last year and a half and we are excited that things are finally coming together.

“I’m sure people will be shocked, and maybe even a little astonished when our collective story is told. It has been a wild ride!

“Thank you to everyone who donated to the IndieGoGo campaign, who made this possible!”

The movie is directed by Rob McCallum, who says: “It’s been an awesome adventure discovering the real story of the band.

“You think you’ve got the story sorted out from what you can research online, only to realize that everything on you thought you knew is only contorted fragments and a cracked reflection of the ultimate reality.

“The film charts the career of the heavy metal act from 1996 to present day from their perspective, as it’s clear that they’ve never been given a platform to share their story in their words, and in their own voice.

“In addition to the band’s specific history, the documentary looks at the evolution in the music industry, gender and color politics in music, and, the backlash of success.

“Whether you’re familiar with the band or not, this is a universal story that touches on themes of self worth, living up to exceptions of others, the necessity of goals, and the importance of family. It’s a roller coaster ride that will get you to question and consider your own life in a different light. It’s an important film and I’m lucky that I have the chance share it with the world.”

The film aims to deliver a certain perspective to the band’s unique audience. The film contains footage from all eras of the band, features a number of band members both past and present. It’s rare that a band takes the time to catalog their entire career on video, but that’s exactly what KITTIE did and it’s another reason this film will be special. You will see the evolution of the band, and their music on screen.

KITTIE last year raised $40,000 via a crowd funding campaign for the documentary.

In addition to paying for the production costs of the 20th-anniversary documentary DVD, the Indiegogo campaign will help fund a tell-all book that “digs deep to give [the fans] the story behind the music.” KITTIE is working on the official band biography with Mark Eglinton, an author, journalist and film-producer currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland who co-authored former PANTERA/DOWN and current KILL DEVIL HILL bassist Rex Brown’s memoir, “Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story Of Pantera”, and whose first book, titled “James Hetfield: The Wolf At Metallica’s Door”, was published in April 2010.

The project will feature contributions from all of KITTIE’s current and former members, including Talena Atfield, Lisa Marx, Jennifer Arroyo and Ivana Vujic. “That’s what makes it outstanding for the fans, because we have had a tumultuous time in terms of (changing) some band members and we’ve had some bad blood with people,” Lander said. “But I feel like time heals all (wounds) and we were able to put a lot of those things aside in order to celebrate the time we did have in the band together.”

Pictured below: KITTIE 1996 – Present

From left to right: Talena Atfield, Fallon Bowman, Tanya Candler, Mercedes Lander, Morgan Lander, Tara McLeod, Trish Doan, Ivy Jenkins and Jennifer Arroyo


Source: Blabbermouth

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