Rob Scallon Gets Classical Turning Johann Sebastian Bach Piece Metal

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YouTube sensation Rob Scallon is back… or should we say Bach! Known for his unconventional guitar videos, sometimes playing every fret and other times just playing songs on one fret, this video is a bit closer to the realm of normality. Heavy metal and classical music have a lot of common ground and Scallon drives this point home with a punishing take on Johann Sebastian Bach’s piece, “Badinerie.”

The original composition is dominated by flute, an instrument that has only been recognized as metal once when Jethro Tull took home the Grammy for Best Metal Performance in 1989. Scallon rocks his seven string guitar as well as a mock powdered wig and tears through the piece with decisive heavy metal fury. The axeman goes on to note the similarities between the classical piece and how it translates to metal guitar playing as well as different techniques he employed throughout the rendition.

Listening to the guitar cover out of context, the music falls in line with a lot of technical death metal guitar playing and the overall influence classical music has had on bands like Septicflesh, Decrepit Birth, Fleshgod Apocalypse and more. To hear the original piece by Bach, check out the video below.

Johann Sebastian Bach, “Minuet and Badinerie”

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