Philip Anselmo on 2015 Housecore Horror Festival + Honoring Corey Mitchell

Philip H. Anselmo‘s 2015 Housecore Horror Festival will kick off later this week, and we caught up with Phil himself to talk all about it.

Once again, Housecore Horror has an amazing lineup of metal bands set to perform. Along with King Diamond, Suffocation, Superjoint, Exodus and many others, Goblin is returning to the fest to score Dawn of the Dead live.

Plenty of Housecore acts will round out the bill as well, but the festivities will also include a myriad of horror films including fan submissions. “This year, the damn good ones are damn good,” says Anselmo. “We got so many. It was tough to pick through, it really was.”

This also marks the first Housecore Horror since the death of festival mastermind Corey Mitchell. “This year is so dedicated to him and his hard work and everything he put into it. It was his dream to move it from city to city, so we did that. Before Year One was even in the books he was talking about bringing it to Europe and stuff, and I’m like, ‘Corey, man, just get us through Year One.’ [Laughs] Put it this way, if we didn’t carry on, he would probably rise from the tomb and strangle me in my sleep.”

Check out our interview with Philip Anselmo in the clip above. For the full 2015 Housecore Horror lineup, visit the festival’s official website.

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