NOIZGATE Records takes its label sampler BRUTAL VISION to the third round! Band applications accepted until March 31st, 2017.

Bielefeld, February 1st, 2017
‘Core in the name of love’ – true to this motto, NOIZGATE Records will start a third issue of its in-house sampler BRUTAL VISION in 2017. Supported by Allschools Network, Deafness Radio,, Fraktur – Das Magazin, 7Klang, FFM-Rock, Black Mountain Heritage, My Revelations, Thousand Times Booking, Metal Only, Outspoken, and EMP the label from Bielefeld will once more set out in search for new visions and musical talents from the underground: Any bands having a professional recording (CD quality) of their BRUTAL VISION-track available can apply for the sampler from February 1st to March 31st 2017.

All good things are metal. And sometimes all good things come in threes. Even better to have it both ways: It’s about time for a third BRUTAL VISION sampler! As already indicated by the title, NOIZGATE Records is in search for new visions. Under the slogan ‘CORE IN THE NAME OF LOVE’ the label wants to share with you the most brutal vision imaginable nowadays: A peaceful togetherness!

A lot of artists have attended to the topic of peace before NOIZGATE Records. BRUTAL VISION VOL. III pays tribute to them: The front cover is adorned by Dennis and Ando of WATCH OUT STAMPEDE as an homage to Curtis McNair’s iconic artwork for Edwin Starr’s 1970 album ‘War & Peace’. ‘Of course we know that we can’t change the world with a record. But we can yell at it at least’, NOIZGATE Records’ Deborah Schweser explains.

Like the second issue before, BRUTAL VISION VOL. III is planned as a double compilation containing two CDs, featuring songs by well-established NOIZGATE artists such as WATCH OUT STAMPEDE, GRAI, WE ARE WOLF, ALL WILL KNOW or BURDEN OF LIFE and leaving ten open slots for some exciting new musical discoveries to be made.

Also fans will have a say in which tracks will end up on the record: From February 1st through to March 31st 2017, all bands sharing the label’s vision and willing to get loud with NOIZGATE Records can apply for a slot on the sampler. Twenty bands will make it through the jury’s preselection to the online voting – the best ten will nail the sampler!

To participate, interested bands will find the application form at For registered bands the participation is free of charge. Only bands who can deliver a track in a suitable CD quality (WAV-format, 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit, stereo) should apply, though.

Barred from the competition are cover bands, the provision of cover songs resp. copyright reserved songs/lyrics (as long as the copyright does not belong to the applying band) and bands representing a right-wing, racist or homophobic mindset.

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