New Video Footage Captures The Moment The Bataclan Massacre Began

A new video clip has been posted online showing the moment gunfire interrupted the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL concert Friday night (November 13) at the Bataclan hall in Paris, France as terrorists launched their massacre.

The band was in the middle of performing its song “Kiss The Devil” when the first gunshots rang out in the 1,500-capacity venue. One of the guitarists, Dave Catching, is seen lifting his guitar up above his head. A few seconds later, as more shots ring out, drummer Julian Dorio ducks behind his drum kit, and one member flees the stage immediately before the film stops.

Graphic designer Sebastien Snow was filming the show on his mobile phone when the shooting started and posted the short clip to Instagram with the caption: “The last notes before gunshots, panic and horror.”

The footage is embedded below, but some may find it disturbing to watch.

A concert attendee told the Nottingham Post: “Everyone thought it was part of the show but then I saw the lead singer’s face drop before he ran off stage, and the lights came on.”

A total of 89 people were killed at the Bataclan, making it the most deadly of the series of attacks across the French capital which have left a total of at least 129 people dead and 352 injured.

A British man, Nick Alexander, who was selling merchandise for EAGLES OF DEATH METAL at the concert, is among those who died.

The members of EAGLES OF DEATH METAL were uninjured during Friday night’s attack.

Source: Blabbermouth

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