Megadeth Contemplated Re-Recording ‘Killing Is My Business’ With Current Lineup

Dave Mustaine loves the current lineup of Megadeth — enough so that he even considered re-recording one of the band’s biggest albums with the trio of musicians that surrounds him in present day.

During a press conference in Moscow, Russia, Mustaine was asked by a reporter about a rumor that the band considered re-recording 1985’s Killing Is My Business … and Business Is Good! with the current lineup for the album’s 30th anniversary. He confirmed, “It’s not a rumor. It’s the 30th anniversary of it, so we wanted to remix it, and … I thought it would be better is we completely re-recorded it with this new lineup, cause I think that would be really exciting.” However, Mustaine says that the band’s commitment to finishing the process of completing their upcoming Dystopia disc kept that from happening.

However, it’s not out of the question that more Killing Is My Business songs will be filtering into the band’s set lists. Drummer Chris Adler said, “I’d love to get that record more into the set. We’ve been talking about that as you know, especially with the reissue coming out. Yeah, it’d be fun to do it. My songs are ‘The Skull Beneath the Skin’ and ‘Looking Down the Cross.’ I’d love to get into those.”

The original disc arrived on June 12, 1985 and while it didn’t generate any major singles per se, the album did yield such fan favorites as the aforementioned “The Skull Beneath the Skin” and “Looking Down the Cross,” as well as “Last Rites / Loved to Deth,” “Rattlehead” and the title track.

Megadeth are currently on tour in Russia, with dates throughout Europe set to take them through mid-month. See all of their dates here.

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