Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Featured in Guitar Instructional Documentary Series

Brent Hinds is one of the most celebrated guitarists of his era, churning out infectious and pummeling riffs with Mastodon. The band’s sound has changed dramatically over the years, initially starting out as a crunchy sludge band with the passion and attitude of hardcore. Carving their own niche, Mastodon sound like no other band in the world and Fret 12‘s documentary series The Sound and the Story dives deep into Hinds’ life, showcasing his hobbies, his past and of course, his unique guitar playing.

The series has already featured fellow Mastodon axeman Bill Kelliher, so fans will be able to bask in even more, as they now learn about Hinds. He talks about how he got into music as a kid, his train-hopping days and some of his hobbies, like woodworking. Hinds is even seen casually carving and sanding a wooden penis, somehow managing to act serious in the process.

In addition to his story, Hinds details some of the aspects that make his style so unique, going over 20 different techniques he employs along with instructions on how to play a few Mastodon songs, including “Oblivioun,” “Once More ‘Round the Sun,” “Curl of the Burl,” “High Road” and “Colony of Birchmen.” Diehards will be ecstatic to learn songs from Hinds’ other bands, Friend Without a Face and West End Motel, with the instructional portion of the video totaling two hours.

Mastodon recently finished up a tour opening for Judas Priest and have one date in Iceland scheduled for now. To stay on top of upcoming tours, check out our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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