LITA FORD Transforms Into World’s Most Rocking Schoolteacher In Ad For Job Site INDEED

Indeed, the world’s largest job site, teamed up with ad agency Sleek Machine to work with ’80s hard rock queen Lita Ford to create the “Music Teacher Celebration” spot where Lita was transformed from rock star to an unrecognizable music teacher (see before-and-after photo above) who celebrates her work satisfaction with one of her unbelievable guitar solos.

Ford’s spot is part of Indeed’s new “Celebrations” campaign, which also features treadmill dancer Marcus Dorsey and professional BMX rider Bo Wade. In each spot, the subjects start out “disguised” as average workers, until their superior talents are revealed as they celebrate their blissful new employment.

Released worldwide in five different languages, the spots not only capture the incredible feeling that comes with finding a great new job, they highlight Indeed’s unique approach.

While Indeed has no specific plans for more such ads, “We’ve always dreamed of working with SKID ROW or RATT,” Sleek Machine chief creative officer Tim Cawley tells AdFreak. “And Jon Bon Jovi is free to email us anytime.”

Source: Blabbermouth

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