LEMMY Statue At Rainbow Bar & Grill: Timelapse Video Of Maquette Creation

Los Angeles-based artist Travis Moore has been selected to create a realistic depiction of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister for a statue that will be built in front of the late MOTÖRHEAD frontman’s favorite haunt, the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. According to California Rock News, the life-size cast bronze statue will stand at just over six feet tall and will be permanently housed in a special shrine that is currently being constructed in the patio bar area at the Rainbow.

Travis is initially sculpting the likeness as an 18-inch maquette that will then be transferred to a life-size sculpture, which will be molded in wax and ultimately poured and cast in bronze.

A timelapse video of Travis building the 18-inch maquette can be seen below.

A native of Texas, Travis is doing his part for free, but there are considerable costs associated with the actual process that will ultimately make the statute a reality. A funding campaign was launched by Katon De Pena from classic underground thrash-metal band HIRAX, who has raised about $16,000 so far to support the building of the statue (which he estimates will cost around $20,000).

Lemmy passed away at his home in Los Angeles on December 28, only four days after his 70th birthday. A memorial in his honor was held on January 9 at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, and it extended across much of the Sunset Strip.

Source: Blabbermouth

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