Korn Reveal Release Details on 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Photo Book

As Korn continue to celebrate the 1994 release of their self-titled debut album by playing the disc in its entirety on their upcoming tour that kicks off Oct. 1, the ship date is approaching for the limited edition hardcover photo book that commemorates the occasion.

The 300-page tome includes photos of the band from throughout their illustrious career along with brand new notes and commentary from Korn’s members. Watch a video trailer for the book above.

Various pre-order packages for the book are available at this location. The book costs $50, with a signed version available for $100. There’s also a package that includes the book and a litho print of their self-titled album for $90.

When it comes to playing their self-titled album live, guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer says, ”Playing the songs from the first album are a lot of fun because they’re kind of kooky with the structures and sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but at the time it did. It’s a lot of fun. It brings back a lot of good memories.”

Before the tour with Suicide Silence and Islander that launches Oct. 1 in Chicago, Korn will be playing Rock in Rio on Sept. 19 in Brazil. The band has been working on material for a new album to be released next year, and guitarist Brian “Head” Welch says, “We started writing a few weeks ago, and we have a bunch of ideas, so it’s really coming out quickly. It’s pretty danged heavy.”

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